About our Products:
Every product in our store is chosen based on quality, environmental impact, safety, and company integrity. We represent species appropriate food, alternative care supplements and remedies, eco-friendly products, local and US made products. 

Good Eats!!
The Natural Dog offers a large selection of premium, natural and organic diets. We choose our diets based on several criteria including ingredient quality and sourcing, diet digestibility, and company ethics. We choose foods with high quality meat protein and we avoid ingredients such as plant protein, excessive grain fractions, sugar, artificial additives, and chemical preservatives. We continuously re-evaluate our products for palatability and performance. We also support manufacturers that share our high standard of ingredient and product quality. Our staff can assist you in selecting the most appropriate diet for your dog and cat.

Raw Diets 
We have the largest selection of frozen raw, freeze dried, and dehydrated diets in the Seacoast area! Our staff is available to help customers choose the most appropriate diet for their dog or cat. Whether you are just starting, looking for a change, or interested in supplementing with fresh foods, we can help make this transition an easy one. 
More on raw diets…

Dogs and cats are designed to eat raw food. A raw diet is considered the species appropriate diet for both dogs and cats. These diets are beneficial for dogs and cats with chronic health issues such as obesity, allergies, urinary tract infections, poor coat quality, digestive issues, and more. Raw food is not subjected to the high heat processing that kibble and canned diets undergo. Important nutrients are lost during this process which makes their nutritional quality less than that of a raw diet. Dogs and cats that have switched to a raw diet and even supplemented with raw foods tend to improve in appearance and overall health. 

We offer 8 freezers full of raw food selections. We also carry dehydrated diets which are great for travel and for picky dogs and cats. Our premix foods allow the freedom of adding your own meat and are useful for elimination diets. We have something that meets every dog and cat’s size, preference, and diet requirements. Our raw diets are from companies which use hormone free, antibiotic free and grass fed sources. Organic selections are also available. Ask one of our staff members if a raw diet is appropriate for your dog or cat.

Healthy Treats
Our treats also meet our high standard of quality. We carry many different types of treats for dogs and cats including tasty biscuits, meaty treats, freeze dried bites, and long lasting chews. We also offer a large selection of grain free, organic and locally made biscuits.

Products & Accessories
Our accessories include products such as organic and recycled beds and toys, hemp collars and leashes, US made bowls, biodegradable waste bags, and natural shampoos. We are always shopping for safe, natural, and recycled goods for your furry friends.

Superb Supplements
Our supplements include whole food nutraceuticals, herbs, homeopathic remedies and flower essences. Supplements are valuable in nutritionally enhancing a diet, targeting specific conditions such as arthritis or dry coat, assisting in preventing diseases such as cancer or in an acute situation such as GI upset or stress. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the right supplement for your dog or cat.






Frozen and Freeze Dried Raw Food Brands